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Master's (275 words)

The starting costs you see above are a rough estimate that approximately defines the total price for your
order. For more detailed calculations with an accurate total sum, take a look at the table below.

Advanced Writer – 25%. A request for advanced/native writer who will deliver the highest of quality
standards on your paper.
Editing – 15%. A request for in-depth editing of an order by a professional editor.
Digital sources – 9.99$. A request for digital copies of materials/sources used in your essay to be
provided along with the completed paper.

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Type of paper:
Essay (any type)
  • Admission essay
  • Annotated bibliography
  • Argumentative essay
  • Article review
  • Biographies
  • Book/movie review
  • Business plan
  • Capstone project
  • Case study
  • Coursework
  • Creative writing
  • Critical thinking
  • Dissertation
  • Dissertation chapter - Conclusion
  • Dissertation chapter - Discussion
  • Dissertation chapter - Introduction
  • Dissertation chapter - Literature review
  • Dissertation chapter - Methodology
  • Essay (any type)
  • Presentation or speech
  • Research paper
  • Research proposal
  • Term paper
  • Thesis
  • Thesis/Dissertation abstract
  • Thesis/Dissertation chapter
  • Thesis/Dissertation proposal
  • Other (enter below)
  • Web-design
  • Java programming
  • Wedding/Graduation Speech
  • Resume/CV
  • Personal statement
  • Lab report

270 words

Academic level:
  • High school
  • College
  • Undergraduate
  • Master's
  • PhD


Please note that any orders related to theses or dissertations, as well as their parts or chapters, are only available for third or fourth year academic levels or higher.

*Approximate price

$9 *

How does the price for my order form?

There are four basic factors that determine how much your order will cost. These factors include:

Type of paper

The more complex your discipline is, the higher the price for your order

Course level

The cheapest papers are performed for High School students. For University and Master’s levels, the cost rises

Number of pages

The quantity of order pages impacts your total price. The cost increases with every added page


For the most urgent 3-hour papers the cost is the highest. For big deadlines, the price decreases.


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How does the platform work?

If you’re a new visitor or an existing one and want to request an order, there are a
couple of easy steps you need to take. Let’s break all of them down:

Fill out the order form which consists of three stages. In the first one, you
paper type, number of pages, discipline, and academic level.

On the second stage, you ask for additional materials, such as slides, charts or
copies. Then, you need to select the deadline by which you need to get a paper done

The last page transfers you to “personal information” section where you indicate your
data so that we could create an individual account for you.

You click the “pay” button to proceed with payment either right away or after we find
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As soon as you fill out the order form, you’ll have immediate access to your Personal
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upload any additional materials, and send messages both to the writer and to the

After your paper is finished, we send it to your personal order page. There, you’ll
able to check your paper on the website by clicking the “Preview my Order” button.
long as your order looks satisfactory and meets all your requirements, you can
to the “Accept Order” section and get access to the MS Word file immediately. In
you need additional editing, you can send an inquiry by pressing the “Request
button and specify the deadline necessary for its completion by the same writer.

Can I communicate with my writer directly?

The ultimate cost for your order is determined by four factors:

  • Type of paper
  • Academic level
  • Number of pages
  • Urgency

There are also extra services which may affect the total sum. For more details, feel
to check our Price page.

How does the price for my order form?

Absolutely yes. Please keep in mind
that we use your personal data exclusively in the framework of this service. We never
the boundaries of privacy and never transfer your data to any third parties. We only
your information to contact you in case there are issues with your order, and to make
your payment information is accurate. Similarly, our Customer Support Staff can use this
information to get in touch with you and ask questions regarding your paper, if

Do you guarantee personal information security?

Yes. If you want to contact your
writer and chat with them in person, feel free to use our messaging system. For this,
indicate your order number in the control panel and select the writer with whom you want
have a conversation. And to make communication even easier, you will be notified in your
email about every message you’ll get from a writer.

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